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  • Another sapping week. Putting things into place. Finalised a small collection for Evans. There are some lovely wearable dresses in the collection. Also just about finalised  another special collection for another High Street retailer, some of which was shown at StyleXL. Had various inquiries fro... View Post
  • It’s Life

    One of the attributes we often get credited with is listening. One of the most valuable channels are customer reviews. We get a mixture of those that are blogger reviews of their own purchases as Hayley’s blog that we liked so much we re-posted on Tumblr, and then we get those placed on the Evans... View Post
  • Reading this makes all the hard work and s*** that I get from some quarters in adorning beautiful women like Haley all worthwhile. Not that there are any fan print dresses  left in stock…….. but I liked this post so much I thought we’d re-post it here. I am having a growing love affair with... View Post