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When a Japanese print becomes Hawaiian

Another sapping week. Putting things into place. Finalised a small collection for Evans. There are some lovely wearable dresses in the collection. Also just about finalised  another special collection for another High Street retailer, some of which was shown at StyleXL. 11760100_477131465780150_866472069002944088_n Had various inquiries from different celebrities for some frocks. Decided to do some Lollidots for Lolli. Fitted a very complex dress for Mayah and although GG hasn't seen it, fitted a poof dress on Hanna. Its a GG dress. As it happens, the size 24 was perfect on Hanna. It incorporates an absolutely innovative but simple feature which guarantees fit and cut on every shape of woman. Quite amazing. GG brings the best out of me. tumblr_n4j1nkgo6s1rd96gko1_1280 IMG_6715 Had a wonderful correspondence from Justine, a collector, of a Coppernob dress from 1978. I gave her provenance and the inside story. It was a bit like the Antique Road Show only she gave me the value of the vintage Coppernob dress. Shit, I am getting old. Felt brave enough to email Sir Philip Green to ask again if I could do a retrospective at Topshop or Miss Selfridge. The great irony is that if I had OD or died of AIDS then the chances would have been much higher on my body of work especially at Topshop 1970-1974 before it was spun off on it's own from Peter Robinson. They are under the impression at Arcadia that Topshop started in 1974. Miss Selfridge started in 1966. Posted the dress photo on Instagram. [caption id="attachment_763" align="aligncenter" width="1732"]Copper 1 When a Japanese print becomes Hawaiian[/caption] Earlier in the week, we had a visit from the Asos buyers and I think I can say that come November there should be a few Scarlett & Jo bargains on their outlet section. We have had our maternity brand Kate Thomas with a shop there for the last 2 years. asos A lot more happening that I can not report on...... Yet. Next week busier. Should be tweeting and posting what's going on, thanks everybody for the help. A Big Up.


  • Posted by Lollylikes on

    I have to agree with Kitty! That print is to die for! I am so pleased we are getting more from you in different shops! I am also going to Manchester in Sept for the Fashion Festival. It looks to be the biggest fat event yet. Exciting times :)

  • Posted by Kitty Wood on

    Oh Gifi the print on that copperknob dress is just so divine! So gorgeous. I love unusual tropical and bright prints. Can’t wait to see you stocked at ASOS, brilliant stuff!
    Are you are the Curve Fashion Festival in September? I just booked my ticket :)
    Kitty xxx

  • Posted by Hawaiian Vintage - The Courts FlowerThe Courts Flower on

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