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Happy May! Shipping is by tracked Royal Mail and DPD. Returns in the UK are free by tracked Royal Mail.

Gift Card Policy

Our Gift cards are sent electronically via email. Payment for the gift card will be charged on purchase, and cards are valid for 12 months from issue. The value of the gift card is the one you chose to buy (£50, £100 or £250). Confirmation of the Gift card will only be sent to the purchaser once the order is confirmed by ourselves. Unwanted Gift cards can not be returned and voucher codes can not be used to purchase another gift card. If the items purchased total less than the gift card amount the remaining funds will stay in the code to use on the next purchase, if the items purchased exceed the gift card amount the remaining value must be paid by card or PayPal in order to complete the order. Items bought using gift cards can be returned or exchanged but not refunded, only additional monies paid over and above the gift card will be refunded and a new gift card code will be issued.