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  • It is 80 years ago this week that the first nylon tight was introduced by DuPont. Scarlett & Jo brings this revolution into a new era. Crafted in the romantic north of Italy, near one of the fashion capitals of the world, Scarlett & Jo's Powerfit® luxury hosiery is knitted using the most ... View Post
  • Inheriting my love for art and jewellery directed me towards specialising in gemstones and jewels. Here at Rosie Fox London, we want to help prevent pollution and minimise waste by using natural gemstones as our main jewellery component, only using man-made components when necessary. All of our w... View Post
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    ANTR3 is not far away ladies and gentlemen and this for me will be the event of the year. Scarlett and Jo have been very much part of my modelling journey and looking back I have been involved with them pretty much since their beginning. My relationship with Scarlett & Jo began in March 2016.... View Post