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It’s Life

One of the attributes we often get credited with is listening. One of the most valuable channels are customer reviews. 


We get a mixture of those that are blogger reviews of their own purchases as Hayley’s blog that we liked so much we re-posted on Tumblr, and then we get those placed on the Evans purchasing channel. We have copied these 2 critical ones below.

Scarlett And Jo Green Printed Skirt 


I’m really upset about this skirt. I’ve loved the look of it for ages but wasn’t sure about the price, so when it came up on offer, I grabbed it in the green and in the blue. What a let down!As another reviewer said, the elastic waist is awful, very stiff and uncomfortable. The fabric is nasty, very nylon-y and it hangs very badly. The colours and the pattern are wonderful, but the materials let it down big time. I won’t buy any Scarlett &Jo products again.


Scarlett And Jo Navy Blue Stretch Dress


Not quite scuba, which I would not have bought, but not quite woven either, I returned it. 

Rico2 Location: Isleworth 

Customer satisfaction, indeed exceeding expectations are paramount. We are always upset when a customer is unhappy with our products. 

We have no way to re-dress a customer after they purchase a garment with their hard earned money and is disappointed by what they receive. The only way to correct this is to gain feedback from your reviews. We want to know the good and bad. So please send email an to as we want to hear from you.

I wanted to respond to these two reviews. The powerfit stretch baby gabardine is our own. The fabric has been engineered to “breathe” and have “silky” comfort in a tight fit. With regards to the comments on the printed 100% polyester crepe de chine we use in some of the proms and the summer skirts, I am personally concerned. We like using crease resistant, easy care fabrics. Sometimes we do get a static problem with this fabrication. The issue of the wide elastic belt. Let’s soften it a bit without losing it’s elasticity which is always the worry. 

If you aren’t satisfied with the performance of a Scarlett & Jo product, then let us know, our job is to serve without compromise to the best of our ability. If there was some way to deliver the sensation of fabric and texture online, we would find it.  

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