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  • One of the joys of designing for plus size or for curvy women is introducing them to a genre of style that they have not had the opportunity to wear before. Why not? Well there has been limited choice, there has been limited imagination, currently I think throughout the whole high street as well.... View Post
  • Well, I had a nice evening with Kat Henry last night. Do all plus size girls handle their drink that well?  Definitely was after me designing her a frock. Never used to be like that, ha, ha.Curvy Convention at weekend, I’d like to go but got other things on.From October you will be able to get ... View Post
  • Plus Size Wars

    Great advert for plus size fashion. Very much following our own policy of showing it for real. The show basically showed a scramble for authenticity through the use of plus size bloggers and plus size personalities between Evans and Yours. Showed how Milk’s conventional view that models had to be... View Post