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Fashion Style Confidence Assurance Bloggers

There is no Fashion, but if there is, it doesn’t matter. To be honest it never has.

As a designer or producer all I have ever tried to do is to make a wonderful offer. A proposition that hopefully a woman can visualise herself wearing, feel great, within her own style and fantasy. My job is to enhance the persona.

Confidence starts with fit and comfort, based on our proposal suiting the purpose of wear and projected image - the persona, I love producing favourite dresses or “go to” dresses that never fail.

It is amazing how many of our customers have re-discovered their own waist line through the cut of our garments.

I am always unhappy if customers buy and wear our products when they clearly don’t suit and are clearly uncomfortable as that is not their style. There again, I get (even among bloggers); WOW I never thought that this dress would suit me and can adopt a new style.

We create a little fantasy in all our products, we make them as well as we can, to flatter and enhance femininity for continual wear and enjoyment.

Following on from why it is that we always start with a size 24, and only ever will allow, with a couple of busty exceptions, size 18 upwards to be used in our promotions, is what I call “a war” that we have been having with the established high street brands.

Our stunning fit model Sarah who is a size 24. 


One might think that this is strange. We are hosted and distributed by one of the biggest retailers. But on the other hand, Evans has allowed us to have a fairly free hand in very tough trading conditions and do deserve huge credit for backing our quest for fun,and femininity.

Betty remarked the other day that she hopes that our shoot format kicks off a trend, me too. As for Scarlett & Jo the most important thing for the brand to attain success is to inform, and create confidence. Curvy women over the years have been repressed, excluded and many have simply withdrawn, so we have to end that.


Betty, it is a next step, bloggers like you took the first step. Companies like mine the 2nd step, with you guys, and doing it for real and in real time as we have done is another step forward. Yes the diversity was deliberate and for those very good reasons. But we risked that we would all get along amongst many other things. And as I boast every dress fit every wearer. Importantly the bloggers had demonstrated their own style through their product reviews and posts. Made my job easy. And of course, it is my DNA to adorn individual women that has been my life. 

It is risky to go for a reality shoot. It has not been done before even on standard sized women. I know not why not. I can only think Brands need to air brush their products to give a better chance to sell them.

The decision to name a Face was done for the same reason as the reality format. It’s never been done before in a plus size campaign. It’s a given that others will now follow. That Georgina Grogan shares the same style philosophy fun, feminine, and fearless as ours, decided everything.  It’s real and genuine.

But then if, Scarlett & Jo don’t have confidence in real wear situations worn by real women, how can we expect our potential customers to have confidence? All of us are entitled, on our purchases, to best value and the very best fit and look for purpose, part of that is to test drive, try on, get an informed point of view. Assurance. 

The world has changed. We who make that style proposition have to be accessible, we have to be able to not only propose but listen and respond. Bloggers are customers who have really opened that up and I am so thankful for the role that Bloggers play, the interaction and the inspiration.

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