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Contrasting messages from Fashion Week

Not for me to weigh in on cheap self-serving publicity stunts of other brands. Of course I am all for publicity stunts. I can even be accused of those with special regards to Scarlett & Jo. LOL

I can actually write with an historical perspective on London Fashion Week as I was one of the instigators of the first one, back in October 1984, when we re-branded British Fashion Week, 18 months after we had introduced it as a biannual event. Trust me it wasn’t our intention to do anything other than to promote British Fashion and British Jobs. The designers had their role to play as some of the best in the world, our retailers and at the time, the British Clothing and Textile industry that employed 700,000 people (no more) had their role too.

So I wonder to myself what on earth is going on when one interested party misses the whole point of London Fashion Week other than to make complete idiots of themselves and by implication some of their customers.

At the same time that these bird brains were camped outside Somerset House, one of the most attractive young women in Britain, who happens to be a size 20, was talking on BBC Radio about fashion and beauty that all women listening as well as a few men can relate to. And I have to say Georgina was vivacious, entertaining, brilliant and captivating.

A memento. 


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