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Skirts and tshirt weather has arrived!

One of the joys of designing for plus size or for curvy women is introducing them to a genre of style that they have not had the opportunity to wear before. Why not? Well there has been limited choice, there has been limited imagination, currently I think throughout the whole high street as well.

The fact is we all have our comfort levels. We all have a sense of what we want to wear and suit us. For curvy women due to the lack of choice over the years, for most, its much more narrow as there has been less accessibility to so much. Apart from the snide, ‘it wouldn’t suit you’, ‘you’re too fat’.

A lot of the designs we do are “vintage inspired”, particularly from the 30’s through 50’s era when curves mattered. Currently, there is a lot of 70’s influence coming through. At least we know with me its authentic!  Some would say that I came to prominence as a designer in the 70’s, enjoyed the 80’s and faded away in the 90’s. Anyway, at Scarlett & Jo we sort of revisit and utilise 21st century fabrics and techniques to do our thing.

Brings me back to the comfort thing and Kat Henry. I gave Kat a skirt the other night, she was disappointed as she wanted a Scarlett & Jo dress. Today, she has worn her skirt. She has an office job, I saw her IG this morning, and texted her to say that she would get some compliments on her skirt. Well a few hours later she has confirmed that she has had a few compliments. It is t shirt & skirt weather down in the south today. Even when we make a skirt, our ladies somehow become hour glass in shape. Not sure how many skirts Kat has, but I am sure she has found today that there is something feminine, easy and attractive in wearing a skirt. Very comfortable too!

I might wear one myself over tights to work next week. Not one of the vintage florals though. So here is Kat and some babes in the vintage print skirt. My turn to display next post, BTW we opted for the 7 cm elastic waist band because I thought it was proportionately better. If anyone has any comments as we could have used a 3 cm or a 5 cm I would be obliged. Also would love to see more IGs or twitter photos. Enjoy the weather!

Our newly converted skirt girl the stunning Kat Henry in our Navy Printed Floral Skirt. 


The gorgeous Becky, my casual girl, looking a stunner in our Mint Green Floral Printed Skirt.


The always pretty Hollie of Pretty Big Butterflies looking electric in our Navy Floral Printed Skirt. 


The stunning songstress Mary Lambert working our Green Printed Skirt. 


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