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Don’t believe the rumours: we are just good mates!

Well, I had a nice evening with Kat Henry last night. Do all plus size girls handle their drink that well?  Definitely was after me designing her a frock. Never used to be like that, ha, ha.


Curvy Convention at weekend, I’d like to go but got other things on.

From October you will be able to get selected highlights of the new Scarlett & Jo Collections from a variety of different retailers. Yes it is true that we haven’t designed a new collection YET. Don’t know what rumour that you are on. But the concepts are there and if I say so myself BEST EVER.

I might just do something for GG if she encourages me for XL. Alfie, I didn’t mean in that way.

We go live with a few easy styles that Becky Barnes inspired today. Here is Ana Pizarro who quite frankly is HOT wearing a return to Powerfit casual edition in our unique Powerfit print baby gab.


Not only do we get the cut and fit right most of the time, some of our fabrications and their performance blows me away.

On another note I had the opportunity this week of a cup of tea and chat with Andrew one of the stars of Channel 4 Plus Size Wars. Very much what you see and hear is what you get. He and his team at Yours are doing a great job.

Mary Lambert is in town and I just have got to somehow see a performance.

The latest 2 in 1 sweetheart neck inspired by Caroline Curvy Wordy is available now. Thought Naomi looked great wearing it but then so did GG. It’s one heluva of a summer dress.


So what else can I say other than Enjoy.

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