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Jess Takeover - The Face goes Home!

Hello you lovely lot! Its Jessie here and I am the Face of Scarlett & Jo 2016 and I am doing a little Blog take over at S&J in London.

Well on Thursday 28th July myself and 3 other beautifully curvy ladies were asked by the Team to visit the London Bridge HQ and take part in some brand awareness and crowd fund filming. I was actually the last of the girls to arrive…….I am always the last one to arrive.

I was joined on the day by some of our wonderful club members, Miss Elle Vine, Chelle Bell Jones and Annie Hawkins. I had met with Ella and Annie before on the Big Shoot Day in April this year, so it was lovely to catch up again. I was meeting Chelle for the first time but she was just lovely and we had some great giggles throughout the day. Every single curvy, vivacious woman I have met through working with Scarlett & Jo has been a pleasure to get to know.

We were spoilt by the very talented Estrella Corral MUA (Instagram startips_world) who managed to make the entire group look fabulous. She even managed to do this for a very hot and tired me after a 2 and a half Hour Journey….how Londoners do the Underground every day is beyond me!

A quick read of a script later and we were away and filming with the lovely Sam, who was very patient with us and good humoured…..he kind of had no choice surrounded by us 4! Then we took a walk out onto London Bridge and had some lovely shots with Tower Bridge behind us. The wind really didn’t want to play ball with us and in particular myself and Chelle’s skirts were channeling the great Marilyn Monroe. Chelle reckoned we were keeping the workman in traffic so entertained that we were performing a public service! All joking aside I think Sam will have captured some great live action video and stills that will look fabulous.

We were also joined by Kat Henry (Ms British Beauty Curve 2015/16) who filmed some great behind the scenes videos for us, these can be found on the Scarlett & Jo Twitter Page.

We headed back into Scarlett & Jo HQ and did something very “modelesque” Annie put the kettle on! Over that much needed cuppa we discussed our Plus Sized frustrations, from “an inside leg of 31” Inches in NOT a Long Leg” to the suitability and design of suck in pants. We had a chance to catch up with the brilliant Mr Gifi Fields (founder of Scarlett & Jo) and he told us why he has fallen in love with Plus Size Women and how hard he and his team work to create the clothes that they do.

It was a great afternoon…..then only made better by us deciding to raid the samples room. I think we tried on every single dress in there and we had a whale of a time!!

So yet again another fabulous day at this Fabulous Brand. I am SO proud to be the face of Scarlett & Jo and I love being a part of what feels like a Curvy Revolution! #CurvyGirlsRock

Laters Taters

Jessie xxxxx

PS: Don’t forget to check out my blog to see what else I am up to! 


  • Posted by william handley on

    looking long dress

  • Posted by Gifi Fields on

    What a pleasure it was seeing you Jessie and all the other ladies again. A lot of fun and for us seeing you guys bringing S & J to life was magical. :)

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