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And The Faces Are...

Firstly I want to thank everybody for taking part. It wasn’t so much a competition but an event and I think that is how it should be. We have made a decision. Ms Curvacious will be making their decision next week.

Before, we get to that, I think it is important to understand where we are coming from, our ethos. Scarlett & Jo is a business. No one can imagine what it is like to keep the wheels on, striving to produce beautiful products; quality; reliable delivery and exemplary customer service and still have a lot of fun doing it. We aim to have a good time; be nice to everybody and respectful. I think the Facebook group that many of you have formed reflects that and we are humbled.

We decided that Deeds is the Curvy Tall Scarlett & Jo Face. She is 6 foot tall, looks beautiful with her size 20/22 figure and just lights up the sky, as do our other faces. It was a really difficult decision and we made it. That is because really any of the Tall ladies, we would be happy to have as our Face and represent Scarlett & Jo.

Yours truly as most of you know works insane hours, at 06.45 on a Saturday morning I went down stairs from our offices to have a smoke and the 1st arrival, a cute little lady looked lost, she was obviously one of ours, obviously all 4 foot 10 inches represented Fun; Fearlessness and a lot more. Like all the other petite ladies, S & J attitude.   So the Curvy Petite title goes to Kimberley Franklin.

Over 100 women between 5 foot 3 and 5 foot 9.  Beautiful women from size 14 through to size 32. How do you separate? How do you pick? It’s very difficult. Impossible. But one lady did separate herself; she is quite the most extraordinary person in every respect. And with a view to confidence that we all should have in our own being, I don’t really know, who is symbolising who? Such is my admiration for Jessica. Jessica is a smidgeon under 5 foot 9 and wears an S & J size 32 as though it was made for her. Jessica Nicholas is the Face of Scarlett & Jo 2016.




  • Posted by Rachael Baker on

    Congratulations to all the winners, especially the beautiful Dee. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and I am so glad that someone who is as beautiful as you inside and out is representing ladies like myself (GLAMAZONS!)
    I had an absolutely fantastic day and I got to share this with my best friend (Yvette Porter, my mom) and not only that we were shortlisted so that again was something even more fanatic.
    I have gained so much more love and confidence for my body and we’ll just for being me and I can not thank you enough.
    Scarlett and Jo you have made such an impact and please keep it up.
    Making fabulous clothes for even more fabulous ladies xxx

  • Posted by Yvette kidd on

    Huge congratulations to all the winners your all so beautiful, am really pleased to have been part of the day but am super pleased for the winners more , beautiful faces , beautiful personalities wearing beautiful clothing ?xxx

  • Posted by Jan Warren on

    Fantastic choices, beautiful representatives of a thoughtful, caring company who not only design fab clothes that fit but treat us as the beautiful women we are. I’ll never forget my day at S &J. It’s spurred me on to love myself and take opportunities that I never would have before. Despite being the eldest there I felt one of the girls. Amazing!! Thank you all and congratulations to us all – we’re all winners!?

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