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The Day The Two Denises Came For A Visit

On Tuesday we had the incredible pleasure of welcoming the lovely Denise into our offices. Like most of us, we like a bit of high street shopping, trying the dresses on, imagining the accessories, picturing where we would get to wear such a gown. Velvet gowns can be worn on a date to the cinema, surely?

Well like most of us at this time of year, the shops all seem very similar and we just can’t find that perfect dress. Shopping is losing its sparkle, the changing rooms sweating and the lights needing a brighter bulb.

Sick of the high street Denise reached out to us on Facebook to plea to see our dresses in store. Well, what better way to see the catalogue of dresses we have than invite her to see where the magic happens and help her to find ‘the one’.

At 11am we welcomed a shivering Denise and her son Luke to our office, and immediately lost her to the Scarlett & Jo wardrobe. First she tried the Cross Front 40’s Dress and was sold. Why is it the first dress is always the one we love the most, and have to go back for? After getting to try on our new in’s, and even our not yet seen items, Denise walked away with a larger wardrobe and a lighter purse, smiling all the way. Just before 1pm we waved them both goodbye and sat back down to our desk work. Isn’t quite the same as getting to show off our dresses.

Well 40 seconds after the lift had closed, a lady named Denize entered our building for her appointment to see our dresses. Scratching my head a bit I went to greet her. Hadn’t we just seen her? Did she forget something? But wait a minute, this is a different lady! Tentatively shaking her hand I wondered if we had an impostor. But no. This lady was in desperate need of the perfect dress for her upcoming 60th Birthday. She deserved the perfect dress, and we were there to help.  After trying on many dresses from the Nancy Marilyn Chiffon dress, or a special made one of a kind couture, she found the perfect dress in the 40’s Angel Sleeve Lurex in purple. It was a definite winner. It ticked all the boxes.

After sitting down to a cup of coffee and a good chat with Denize, we realised our mistake. Two Denise’s had asked to  see our dresses, and Gifi had had a senior moment and didn’t realise it was two different women and invited them both – thankfully at different times. Although, no chance of forgetting their name!

We do love having members come and see us, and find great pleasure in helping them find the perfect dress.

If you ever want to come and see us, see where the magic happens and meet the team, or need any help, just email and we will have the kettle boiled ready for your arrival.

Scarlett & Jo


  • Posted by Denise Claxton on

    A huge Thank You from the 1st Denise LOL….I have never experienced anything like this before today , you were all so helpful I just wished I had a Scarlett & Jo store and team close by, ya made me feel beautiful and I actually felt a million dollars and I was sold . I loved your clothes they are 1st Class, 5 star and the material is top quality and so lovely made you wouldn’t be disappointed and you’d definitely want more and MORE. Luckily I was allowed to try on this New Gorgeous black dress with the large diamante neckline which is so unusual, it’s really flattering and it’s so slimming and all my friends said how glamorous I look.. I am 47 yrs old and I’d wear this at any age, I am a size 22 top 24 bottom am 5ft 4 ish with big thighs, bum & belly only wished my boobs were bigger, but as you can see this looks amazing on and if you’ve a Christmas or birthday bash or down the pub with your friends this is the one to wear… But saying that I would wear 99% of the dresses as they are stunning and so reasonably priced xxxx Thanks everyone I had a fab morning xxxx

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