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Katie's A Night to Remember!

So why should you come to #ANTR3? I can hear you ask yourself,  but what you should be asking yourself is why not?
I have been lucky enough to go to the last 2 and can confirm that the Event title Night to Remember is not over-egging the pudding!
The original #ANTR was born out of S & J’s need to make sure their customers were not let down and left high and dry after the much talked about Plus Size Awards were cancelled amidst a flurry of scandal and upset for most concerned.
By some magic and miracles, they managed to pull together an amazing night, certainly one I will never forget and will bore anyone willing to listen about it.
First, there was an amazing pampering session and photo shoot available and we all got to wear a glamorous S & J dress. I was very lucky that I had a custom made one because I needed Red! (I always need red in case you don’t know me he he) 
I personally didn’t have the makeover as I was already booked in to get my hair done by my Favourite hair stylist Necias Hairstyling (she has done the very beautiful Dita Von Teese and Tess Halliday's hair) 
When I arrived I put my beautiful red sparkly dress on and had my photo taken. I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful I felt. 
After we had our shoot we all headed over on a Magical mystery tour to The Cafe Royal in a luxury coach.
I had never been to the Cafe Royal before but I’m so glad it’s now part of my life!
If you have never been and like me don’t mix in the circles that go to places like this a lot you are in for a massive treat.
The decoration is breathtaking and the food delicious. The drinks were flowing and I knew for a snippet of time what a celebrity would feel like.
When it was announced that S&J were holding another ANTR last year I jumped at the chance.
But one of the best parts of the events is the chance to meet beautiful friends and socialise. I met some amazing ladies and in fact every time I go to an S&J event I meet new friends. 
So in summary, if you are in 2 minds if you should go or not don’t be.
You will not be disappointed. 

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