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Bernadette's A Night to Remember!

On a cold sunny day in last November, I remember sitting on the plane from Glasgow and being so excited to get to London to be part of the awesome day and night that lay ahead. 

As a woman in my 30’s I admit until Scarlett & Jo arranged their World Biggest Photo Shoot and A Night to Remember I had never actually travelled afar or went to an event on my own before.  Which in a way is sad that I didn’t trust my own company but also, I suppose probably the same for many ladies at the event.

When I arrived in London I was lucky in that Scarlett & Jo had arranged for discount rates with local hotels before the event and I booked the Saint Georges Hotel. The room was huge and was within walking distance to Café Royale where A Night To Remember 2 was being held.  Check my view from my room!

When I arrived the makeovers and photoshoots were in full swing (there is a huge amount going on behind the scenes that you don’t see).  What I distinctly remember is that everyone looked so glam and you get to talk to strangers just by saying “Oh you look amazing”, “I love your dress” and then all of a sudden more people join in and you forgot that you were once on your own.

Then its glam time – I was taken in to get make-up done (I was late because my flight was delayed so I missed the hair team).  I met the gorgeous Deeds and Cat when I was in the queue both of whom are just amazing ladies with so much sass and joy about them.

Being around so many women on the night that are confident; strong and beautiful is such an empowering feeling as it kind of rubs off on you too and it is just such a great atmosphere to be in.

Then it was photo time!

Now… In no way, shape or form do I consider myself a model (literally as I am 5ft 4 and Size 16 ).

I do a weird smile thing and have no clue what to do with my hands but Scarlett & Jo’s lovely photographer Diana puts you at ease and gives great instruction and makes you feel good about yourself so you kind of embrace the moment and have so much fun doing so.

Then it is through to the ballroom which quite frankly can take your breath away with how stunning it is.  My day to day life is spent walking my dogs in a hoodie and joggies in the rain and muck and working in an office, so to be able to come to a place as extravagant and elegant as Café Royale to an event like A Night To Remember 2 was unbelievably overwhelming and such an honour. 

Now, Scarlett & Jo only asked me to write this recap after the event, but had I known I was going to write about the night I may have taken blogger style ‘Look at my Food’ photos but, I like my food and as soon as the food was laid in front of me – I was eating!  At dinner I was seated next to the lovely Emma and learned all about her – she’s a beauty queen you know with a sash and everything and has the best laugh out of anyone I have ever encountered.

The entertainment that was provided was good and I am lucky my husband wasn’t there – that’s all I can say on that one!

The speeches were truly touching.  I must admit I had very rarely thought about the people behind the label on my clothes and upon hearing the love and kind words said from the people who dedicate their lives and time to this brand was endearing and captivating and even a bit emotional. 

Then a few drinks later and the dance floor was full with women from all different walks of life, from all over the country, just dancing away and having a great night with an amazing group of people.

I do feel blessed to have been able to attend A Night to Remember and hope I have given a small glimpse of a what was a fantastic night that I look back on with such fond memories and a huge smile.

Lots of Love and Scarlett & Jo Hugs

Bernadette xxx


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