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Jess' Night to Remember!

Well, it’s that time of year again, well almost. It is certainly the time when we start looking at the Night to Remember. A night when we have the opportunity to meet up with friends new and old from all over the UK. (And sometimes even further beyond) It’s a chance to socialise, dance, and most of all feel amazing whilst laughing and smiling with a unique and wonderful group of women.....and men(ish) LOL
Although it’s not just a night to remember, it’s a full day and experience to remember. The Cafe Royal setting is truly magical, made only better by the time of year we celebrate. The Christmas celebration lights (and large foyer polar bears - who can forget them)  really add to the experience. 
The racks upon racks of stunning clothes ready to be flashed and photographed, the makeup room full of laughter and hellos, the sparkle of glitter, the sound of beautiful women coming together to build each other up to the best they can be. All of these things rush into your senses and that’s before the Champagne has even started to flow. 
As evening descends the true beauty of the golden dining room really comes into its own. It truly is something everyone should experience. Along with the atmosphere comes the 5 Star Food and Service. The dinner is always beautiful, overflowing with wonderful flavours. The service of dinner itself plays out like a theatrical performance and they are so very good at their craft. 
The after-dinner entertainment starts the evening off and then we party and dance well into the night, team all of this with the most spectacular balcony overlooking Regent Street in all its Christmas light wonder and it can be a magical evening. 
The best part of it all mind you, is getting to be around such beautiful, confident, fun & fearless women. Who all happen to look sensational.....thanks to a little help from our friends at S&J. 
This experience is worth every penny of the ticket price, and far more! I really hope we get to see all of you beauties there......after all shouldn’t everyone have A Night to Remember!?  Much Love, Jessie (Proud Face of Scarlett & Jo)

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