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Cat's A Night to Remember!

Are you struggling to decide whether to attend “A Night To Remember 3”? If so, you might be finding it's a difficult decision because you don’t know what to expect. There are a few things you might want to know before you buy a ticket, (and sort out transport and pick your accommodation.)

I’ve been to both “A Night To Remember” and “A Night To Remember 2”. Last year, I headed down to London alone. I’ve travelled to London a couple of times, but travelling alone was daunting. I rechecked my tickets and took screenshots of my tube options and, with trepidation, set off. I managed it, checked into my hotel and I didn’t get lost. My bits of planning and checking google street view really helped. Arriving at Hotel Café Royal, I was completely amazed by the beautiful building and stunning entrance.

When I found the Scarlett & Jo function rooms, I was pleasantly surprised to find that lots of ladies had come alone, and I saw a few familiar faces. I was a little self-conscious at first, as I’d put a bit of weight on, and wasn’t really feeling myself. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming - strangers very quickly became fast friends, and it was great to see everyone chatting and having fun in the relaxed atmosphere. I tend to feel quite awkward in social situations, and I often don’t fit in with other women, but everyone was so different in their own way, I was soon at ease and talking to people who approached me.

Having my hair and make-up done was really good fun, I’m often nervous when other people do my hair and make-up; as much as I don’t wear make-up often (and very rarely do anything other than wear my hair down and straight), I’m a little fussy! The hair and make-up artists were amazing, they asked questions about what I had in mind and when I said I didn’t know, they were glad to offer suggestions and give me choices. In the end, my poor decision making got the better of me and I ended up asking them both to “do what they wanted”! Which turned out brilliantly, and I think they both did a fabulous job. The make-up was very different from anything I would ever choose, and I loved it. The hair was tousled and subtle, and I really liked it. 

Being photographed was surprisingly easy, I often feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, but the photographer put me completely at ease, and suggested poses for me to try, and gave me helpful hints and tips about my posture - and most importantly - what the heck to do with my hands!! We got to try on and model a couple of dresses, including my chosen dress for the evening, which was really cool. 

As the evening rolled in, I found my table and introduced myself to the people I hadn’t already met. The meal was just incredible, very tasty and the perfect amount - not enormous but not quite a typical (small) French portion. There was entertainment, music and of course dancing! I met lots of new people, chatted on the terrace, danced around with lovely ladies and generally had a whole lot of fun. 

Now that you know about my experience, hopefully, you're ready to grab your ticket (whilst they last) without worrying too much about the event. Come and find me, I’ll be the one flitting around looking slightly uncomfortable, and ready to make awkward conversation with you!! 

Cat ❤



  • Posted by Jayne Sloan on

    My daughter has bought us both tickets and we are so looking forward to coming down and meeting everyone. The hotel is provisionslly booked ( just in case we win a room) I cant wait to be pampered and try on some of the loverly gowns.

  • Posted by Shirley Jordan on

    Still don’t know date and how much the tickets are information please

  • Posted by Tracey Jones on

    Thank you so much for sharing your blog, I was so undecided as I’d be coming on my own, but after reading this I’ve just booked my ticket……not going to our still really nervous but going to take the plunge and have an adventure.

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