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The Day Zoe Came For A Visit

The bubbly birthday girl Zoe came to visit us today, to try and find a dress after having not worn one for 10 years!

Now to most this might sound like a very hard task, but almost straight away Zoe found a heap of dresses she liked. With arms full of dresses, she excitedly went to the changing room and tried them on.

She first tried our Georgina Velvet Maxi Dress and fell in love with the design. After that she tried on a Teal Twist Skirt Bodycon and was surprised to learn that she would need two sizes smaller!


Our 40’s Angel Sleeve Lurex Dress was next, and despite having some reservations let me tell you she looked amazing! She then ventured out of her comfort zone and wore a Red Rose Bodycon, something she told us she had never done.


One dress she told us that she had seen before and liked the look of was our Tuxedo Peplum Dress, and after searching for one in the office she tried it on and we think she looks great, don’t you agree?

After trying on all of these dresses that she absolutely loved, we helped her set up an account on our website and off she went to celebrate the rest of her birthday.

We do love having members come and see us, and find great pleasure in helping them find the perfect dress.

If you ever want to come and see us, see where the magic happens and meet the team, or need any help, just email and we will have the kettle boiled ready for your arrival.


  • Posted by Bernadette Chalmers on

    I love that Scarlett and Jo offer their customers a wee day visit at their offices, what other company would do this for us. Taking time out of their schedule to make one of us feel so special. Hope you had a great birthday and enjoy all your lush dresses xxxx

  • Posted by Zoe Mercer on

    A dbirthday I will never forget. I was made to feel so welcome and have never actually enjoyed trying on clothes before. The fantastic designs made thw most of my assets and yet I felt completely comfortable.
    Thank you for your hospitality and apologies to my bank account in the near future. It was actually over 20 years since I tried on a new dress upon reflection!
    So many dresses to buy I am going to have to be imaginative as to when I can wear them. Anyone know of any weddings that I can crash?

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