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British Plus Size Awards turns into Scarlett & Jo's Spectacular Night To Remember

Well its 24hours to go so what else am I doing but getting hair and nails fixed.  Now off home to do some final preparations like sort jewellery and organise the Mr.

Wait. What the….. I see what you all saw. The email that said the awards had been cancelled. With less than 24 hrs to go, without explanation or alternative, they just stopped. The event that myself and 100 other Scarlett & Jo’s faithful followers had been looking forward to was over.
I was devastated. I was confused and panicked, I was angry and I was deeply upset on behalf of the staff at S&J. I know just how much work has gone in that evening and i know how excited everyone was for the awards.
But panic soon subsided as plans were underfoot. We didn’t know what, but we knew that there would still be an S&J event tomorrow evening.

So I went to bed. When I woke there was a lot less excitement than id been expecting. I’d spent months looking forward to this day, and now that it was here I had no idea what was going to happen. I just had to keep the faith that Gifi, Adam and their team of exceptional people would pull something together.

Then it came. An announcement to beat all announcements. S&J had only gone and secured a room at Café Royal! We were going to be dining and dancing at one of London’s most exclusive venues! How on earth have they pulled this off? And within 24hrs?? my mind was racing with shock and admiration. I mean, I knew they were good but this, Wow!

So off I set. Up to the offices for my hair and make up, just as originally planned. And well lets face it… needed the work!

after cancelations and delayed trains we finally get to the offices. We walk into the hall to be greeted by hoards of the most beautiful plus sized women. I felt horrendously under dressed as I saw so many of my favourite S&J creations being paraded in front of me, honesty the dress envy was overwhelming.  

I plonked myself in a chair and the wonderful makeup artists went to work. I don’t remember seeing Polyfilla and yet they still managed to make me look amazing!
Id barely gotten used to my freshly beautified face when off I was whisked for our “lifestyle shoot”

Now, I am no model. Really. I look like a constipated walrus in most photos so the idea of posing in public was far from my dream. But I was accompanied by such amazingly beautiful women, and being shot by the fantastically friendly Freddie who completely put me at ease. And if you are going to have photos taken, then do it whilst being professionally made up and wearing a stunning gown!

Shots taken it was back to the office for more fashion shots. Again this is hardly my forte but the ever amazing Diana made me feel so comfortable I was pulling all manner of poses before I knew it.
And hey, no one will be looking at me anyway, this dress steals the show!

Just minutes later we are summoned together. The Coach has arrived. Accompanied by his Bevvy of big beautiful women, Gifi showed us to the coach. A short drive later and we stop. It’s true, we really are going to Café Royal. We all disembark in regent street feeling like celebrities as we are “papped” whilst the tourists of London watch. EEK!
Well we step inside and wow. Seriously, there is no other word that is suitable for describing this place. Just WOW!

We head off to the room. The excitement from the ladies is electrifying the air. The doors to our room are opened and……. Yeh. Wow doesn’t even cover this.
the room looks like something from a film. The tables are dressed and the champagne and canapes are being offered by ever courteous staff. The windows look out over the Christmas lights of Londons busiest streets, we are in tourist central, in the heart of London and we are all looking like film stars. The awards ceremony feels like an offer of McDonalds and a milkshake at this point. I’m not sure anything could ever live up to this.

Well we were all seated, and food was served. Well I call it food, it was more like works of art on a plate. Smoked Salmon terrine, Fillet of Beef, Apricot Gateaux. Eating was like unicorns dancing on my tongue.  The wine was flowing, the women were chatting and the room was absolutely buzzing.
As the evening went on there was dancing, there was live music and we were even treated to the talents of some of our own women. Who knew that Jess “the face” Nicholas should also be renamed “the voice” let me tell you ladies, this woman can sing!
And I will let you into a secret, So can our very own Gifi! And if you offer me enough money, I have him on film ;-)

As the evening went on I’m not sure there was anyone that didn’t have a twirl on the dance floor. The ever present Freddie continued to capture photos, the ladies danced and sang, the staff attended every need and the S&J team were finally able to breath. They had created a miracle. What was potentially a disaster had, in just 24hrs turned into a fairytale.
Yet again S&J had given us ladies a once in a lifetime experience, and I’m not entirely sure how I am ever going to top it.

To say I feel privileged to have attended doesn’t even come close. Spending an evening in such amazing surroundings, accompanied by so many beautiful ladies sharing in the successes of an incredible company. It was absolutely perfect.

And if S&J can pull that off in 24hours, I can’t wait for next years party!

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