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A little bit of news, gossip, titillation, help wanted...where to begin?

Well the news got through to me that some of my favorite bloggers and guys I respect in the plus size fashion industry got nominated for awards and whilst I supported the event 1st year, I did give it a miss last year. However I did have lunch and got swept off my feet by Georgina and Marie Grogan the day after her night before. I haven’t really gone beyond the bloggers up for awards. I did hear Nicky Rockets had a nomination; I have to say he is top drawer. I will get round to voting this time round. Of course, I have to vote Georgina Grogan for Best Achievement, and this is why. No one could expect a better representative on radio, let alone on TV, let alone the party that she hosted at Meadowhall last weekend. It’s one thing being a pretty face, but the brain, the charm, the wit, the opinion, the honesty. Alfie has got his hands full. But most of all, a better advocate for whatever you want to wear, you cannot find. So, she has achieved much for plus size women in being the Face of Scarlett & Jo, but that is the little bit just a prop.   georgina_2204 I don’t often give my guys in the design team enough credit. I am not the easiest to work with. I am sure they have an effigy of me that they stick sewing needles into, from time to time. At other times they show true professional endeavor and brilliance.They can be as only creatives can be, temperamental. So you can just imagine the daggers that might be drawn. But for the most part, sweetness and light. The most important member of the team for Scarlett & Jo is Hanna. She also is the youngest. She’s gifted and really brings the concept of design to life by illustration. When I heard that Georgina was up for an award, naturally I offered to design her a red carpet dress. No not 3 dresses for her 3 nominations but the one. I’m not going to give any one a clue as to what quite yet! But it is more than likely to be available exclusively through Yours from November the 1st. Then there are the other 2! I made the same offer to Nancy Whittington and that’s where Hanna comes in to play as quite frankly, we are looking at Sugar Darling and Hanna makes a suggestion and I make one and before you know it there is the most wonderful frock 98% Hanna that I hope Nancy, who I adore, will like. That too will hope be available for the exclusive collection available from Yours from November 1st. Nancy_3517 Then there is Becky Barnes, my casual girl, she is up for 2, well I can’t go with that casual thing for the awards. But I tell you what, I think she will just love the dress that we have designed her. This will be available I hope exclusively through Evans from November 1. There actually is an alternative dress in this series as I write and visualise. It’s good, very good the sort of style that whilst an all time classic, we will enter new ground through cut and fabrication, unmistakably  Scarlett & Jo, 2 dresses Becky, so you can accept both awards that you have been nominated for in 2 different dresses. Both these dresses should be available exclusively from Evans. Becky_3907 b I also offered to do a dress for Betty Pamperbox, Betty reminded me that she has the one and only Betty dress designed by Angela Gilbey, and she thinks she might be wearing that.  It’s a dress that only Betty Pamperbox can wear. It is a one off Scarlett & Jo. Betty is a one off too. Quite one of the most stylish ladies I have ever met. If she changes her mind I have an idea. Betty_3987 You may gather from the above that Scarlett  & Jo is branching out, if anyone wants to get involved in Scarlett & Jo’s own shopping site?  Let me know. Please email Then since writing this if Debz asked me to do her a dress I would be honored as she often posts how wonderful Scarlett & Jo is, Debz I think you are wonderful too! Debz   I am going to attend this year if my mate Mayah will come with me. I am designing a fantasy dress for her. No doubt she will be naughty and PM what I call it. Its more than a head turner let’s put it that way. Mayah_3571


  • Posted by Celina on

    Heck of a job there, it abtleusloy helps me out.

  • Posted by mayahthomas7 on

    I’m super excited about the new things happening with S&J and I’m always on board to help as you know.

    Looking forward to coming to the awards with you Gifi no doubt that’s gonna be a fun and hectic night with all the girls!

  • Posted by henryskat on

    Hey Gifi! Thank the Lord you are coming, I’m so thrilled about my nomination for “Best New Blog” and hopefully we can share a cocktail or two on the night to celebrate. I’m so proud of all the girls for their nominations. Us bloggers are on a roll! And STYLE XL is not gonna know what’s hit them, I’m so glad your coming to that too! Party time!! I’d love to help out where I can with your request, I will be in touch soon. Kat xx

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