And The Faces Are...

Firstly I want to thank everybody for taking part. It wasn’t so much a competition but an event and I think that is how it should be. We have made a decision. Ms Curvacious will be making their decision next week.

Before, we get to that, I think it is important to understand where we are coming from, our ethos. Scarlett & Jo is a business. No one can imagine what it is like to keep the wheels on, striving to produce beautiful products; quality; reliable delivery and exemplary customer service and still have a lot of fun doing it. We aim to have a good time; be nice to everybody and respectful. I think the Facebook group that many of you have formed reflects that and we are humbled.

We decided that Deeds is the Curvy Tall Scarlett & Jo Face. She is 6 foot tall, looks beautiful with her size 20/22 figure and just lights up the sky, as do our other faces. It was a really difficult decision and we made it. That is because really any of the Tall ladies, we would be happy to have as our Face and represent Scarlett & Jo.

Yours truly as most of you know works insane hours, at 06.45 on a Saturday morning I went down stairs from our offices to have a smoke and the 1st arrival, a cute little lady looked lost, she was obviously one of ours, obviously all 4 foot 10 inches represented Fun; Fearlessness and a lot more. Like all the other petite ladies, S & J attitude.   So the Curvy Petite title goes to Kimberley Franklin.

Over 100 women between 5 foot 3 and 5 foot 9.  Beautiful women from size 14 through to size 32. How do you separate? How do you pick? It’s very difficult. Impossible. But one lady did separate herself; she is quite the most extraordinary person in every respect. And with a view to confidence that we all should have in our own being, I don’t really know, who is symbolising who? Such is my admiration for Jessica. Jessica is a smidgeon under 5 foot 9 and wears an S & J size 32 as though it was made for her. Jessica Nicholas is the Face of Scarlett & Jo 2016.




  • Posted by Emma-Jayne on

    Awesome! I had a wonderful time with you all. I just wish I had gotten to speak with more of you. Well done my bootiful girlies xxxx

  • Posted by Jo Olveira on

    Absolutely thrilled for each of you three beautiful ladies!! Great choices! I had a ball that day and love being part of the Scarlett&Jo facebook community. I made some wonderful friends and look forward to more happy times with them and with Scarlett&Jo!!

  • Posted by Annie on

    Many, many congratulations to all the ladies, especially the lovely Deeds! We all had a blast thank you so much for the experience and opportunity Scarlett and Jo . All your team were brilliant, thank you to you all. Xx

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