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My first day


Does anyone remember our ‘How tall are you?’ Facebook competition? I certainly do.

My first day on the job, as a digital marketing apprentice and the boss already had me analysing data from the previous facebook competitions. The ‘How tall are you?’ competition being my first.

The first lesson to learn in marketing, as my boss loved to constantly remind me is to know your customers, to understand them and let’s face it, this being my first ever job in a fashion company I had no clue (as you can imagine.)

The question was simple; How tall are you? The response however, was mind-blowing. A girl like me that shops (and sometimes stalks) high street brand websites and facebook pages, I have never seen so much interaction on one post, over such a simple question as to how tall are you.

With over 2,000 responses it was shocking, but what was even more shocking was the answers.

It was not that 58% of responses were of medium height or 20% were tall or even that 22% were petite. (That’s pretty obvious) It was what I found out afterwards.

213 respondents commented that they find it hard to find a dress, of those 74% find it hard to find a dress that fits, 23% find it hard because of their height, 3% find it hard to find a dress that is flattering. Of course, the boss was not in the least bit shocked over the results.


Alas, there is always room for improvement. So this coming May, we decided to treat our #CurvyTall and #CurvyPetite Ladies to a tall and petite collection both consisting of 8 styles each. This is dedicated to the 23% (and of course, many more) that find it hard to find a dress because of their height.

I also found out that 375 respondents had a special occasion coming up, with 61% attending an upcoming wedding. Using this to our advantage, the boss decided to broaden the range of Scarlett and Jo dresses, from S&J classics to the couture range, he made sure that whatever the occasion, a lady had a dress that fits like a glove and makes her feel like a million dollars; as he likes to quote a dress, is not just a dress. Not to mention, we also have a bridal collection coming soon for ladies who are soon to be married.

So here I am now, 4 months into my job (still analysing) and I’m loving every minute! I’ve learn so much about all you lovely ladies, from your favourite colour to your favourite dress length, that it goes beyond a customer relationship, your more than customers your part of the team.



  • Posted by S&J on

    We’re sure Chelle that you will look absolutely beautiful and radiant for your brother’s wedding because that’s exactly what you are, beautiful and radiant. We’ll be sure to do what we can to add to that x

  • Posted by S&J on

    Thank you for your comment Donna. Nicole is going to be doing another post about a previous competition where we asked everyone to give us 1-5 which best describe S&J. That competition had over 2000 entries. We think the results were very interesting.

  • Posted by donna on

    What a great blog. I entered the phase competition (didn’t get it right) well it was right for me
    I thought word was " fearless " because that’s what I think scarlett and jo are all about. Don’t just settle for what is expected when you don’t fit into the fashion industries ideal shape and size and height. Rather than settle on baggy black hide in a corner stuff. Be bold bright and fearless and don’t let anyone put you in a box or a corner. That’s why I love scarlett and jo they think outside the box and let everyone be fearless x

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