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Breaking news for this week!

Spring has arrived and, as John Paul Young used to say, Love is in the Air!
We are delighted to inform you that Ruth Norman is THE FIRST S&J BRIDE! She discovered that we were doing bridal 5 weeks ago and, as she was struggling to find a dress to fit and flatter elsewhere, we made this beautiful dress for her, because we can always go an extra mile for our S&J members. CONGRATULATIONS, RUTH! And doesn’t she look lovely.


“My BIG DAY was fab! We had a great time and everyone complimented me on the dress! It ‘was comfortable to wear all day, although after eating lots of cake the band under the bust felt a bit tight after a while. A tiny part of the satin trim from where the mesh joins the bust came undone when I first tried it on but I managed to fix it and it wasn't noticeable.

I also meant to say that before I found the S&J dress I would've gone with a black and red Hell Bunny dress and pretty much shunned the whole traditional thing. We'd not planned flowers; Ben was going to stay with me the night before. But since I found my beautiful dress I felt like having the tradition! It had been impossible to find a quality, affordable, well made, comfortable plus size wedding dress, and I'd been looking for over a year. I'm so pleased that I saw the tweet about your bridal range!”
PS: Note that from the beginning of May the new S&J bridal collection will be available in the shop online on


  • Posted by Anne Nicodemus on

    I was so delighted when I saw the picture of Annie Hawkins! But then again I wasn’t surprised that she has been FOUND, FINALLY! and very definitely appreciated, certainly by the people she’s worked with over the years in Hertfordshire. I was fortunate to work with Annie for a few years. She is an extremely gorgeous and popular person, with an infectious personality and she radiates fun, warmth, sexiness, integrity, intelligence and beauty. What an irresistible combo! GOOD LUCK ANNIE!

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