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Spanish ambassador for S&J: The Duchess by Ana Pizarro

Her name is Ana Pizarro and she describes herself as a cinema, theatre and chocolate lover, (of course).

She started her blog in 2012 with the aim to do something different: be critical with the high street fashion industry, and she succeeds.

After 4 years she has become one of the top plus size bloggers in Spain and her shape appeared in websites and magazines as Grazia, ComopolitanTV,, El Pais and style has no size, to name but a few.

Last year she became one of the three ambassadors of Scarlett and Jo, and after several months working together she declares herself a S&J fan!



Why do you like being a S&J brand ambassador?

When the S&J team approached me it was a huge compliment because I've been working with them since the beginning. Scarlett & Jo is a brand that reflects perfectly the demand for curvy women. I like to represent the brand because I feel very close to their philosophy and for me it is an honour to make it known in Spain as there is gap in the market for this sort of style. I am proud to represent a brand that is committed to diversity.

Do you feel reflected in the style of the brand?

It is certainly one of the brands that I feel close to, in terms of style. Elegant, feminine and with shapes and patterns really cared. I LOVE IT.

What do you like about it?

I love the fabric, shapes and patterns. They are well studied to favour plus sizes. Besides design and retro style make the collections very feminine and elegant.

What is your favourite outfit?

I would say that I have always had a special attachment for the "Powerfit dress" the red version was sent me first. For me it is iconic, I have not found a dress that I can sit better.


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