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When Michelle came for a visit to find a dress that fit

Please note all garments shown are from the standard height collection. As you can see, there are just a few tweaks to be made to develop the Curvy TallTM Collection.


Wednesday we were so excited to have in a customer named Michelle Jones! She is a beautiful woman standing just a little over 6'1". We quickly found out how amazing she is, inside and out, when she explained that she needed the perfect dress for a charity event where she is a keynote speaker for Refuge. Refuge is a charity that is committed to a world where domestic violence is not tolerated and where women and children can live in safety.

The first dress Michelle tried on was our sparkle lace midi dress and it looked fantastic on her!  We had the pleasure of spending the rest of the day with Michelle as our guest. We took several measurements to ensure that everything fit correctly and we look forward beginning our line for taller girls! Thank you for stopping by, Michelle, we can’t wait to see the pictures of you in our sparkle lace midi!

And here's what Michelle herself had to say about her visit yesterday.

"I have just left the offices after my day of dress wearing and general amazing behind scene watching. My face can't help but smile. As a 6'1"(and a half) woman who wears a size 22 I find clothes shopping one of the most depressing feelings in the world. Nothing fits! If it fits my curbs it's too short, if it reaches my length it won't go round my lumpy bumpy bits. So I avoid clothes stores as much as possible. So Gifi invited me to come to Scarlett & Jo to see if I could find myself a dress, as I am giving a speech at a rather important function next week. I wanted the impossible. To look amazing! Right from the off Gifi and the team made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman on the planet. This man has dressed curvy women for years and he really knows what he is talking about. He guessed all my measurements near exactly, just by looking at me. He and his team pulled a few dresses for me to try. If I'm honest I was apprehensive. Nothing fits me, and if it does I look like a sparkly potato. The first dress we tried was the sparkle lace midi dress. It's beautiful. So i was gearing up for disappointment. I pulled it on and was shocked. It felt great! I stepped out of the make shift changing area and stood in front of the mirror. It was amazing! The dress fit perfectly! The gathering at the front hid my dreaded belly, it skimmed at my hips giving me an awesome hourglass shape, the lace created a subtle sexy outline. It was stunning. I looked stunning. We tried the next one. A georgette maxi dress. This was a standard cut dress so I was expecting it to not fit. But it did! I looked like Marilyn Monroe or Jessica rabbit. Seriously this dress was magic, it gave me a figure! Measurements were taken to lengthen for the curvy tall range so that it could be better than the already amazing fit. I tried the next, and the next and then the next. I lost count of the dresses I tried on. All of them fit. All of them flattered. All of them made me feel as though I was beautiful. This doesn't happen. There is some trickery surely. I've spent 35 years shying away from anything that's not jeans and a baggy top. How is it possible for me to have tried on so many dresses and all of them work?! I'm not sure I know what magic they weave, all I know is that for the first time in my entire life I have enjoyed trying on clothes. I have walked away from a store happy and looking forward to wearing my dress. It has been an amazing day. The team are all lovely and you have all made me feel so welcome. Thank you so much. And I can't tell you how excited I am for the new curvy tall range! I've seen just a glimpse and it's outstanding. Such simple elegance of the couture range right through to the easy wearability of the standard store ranges. It has been my absolute pleasure to have visited, and I can't wait to come and collect my dress on Friday. Thank you thank you thank you Chelle x"

We will be posting a photo of Michelle in her dress in due course, what a wonderful person she is!


  • Posted by Leia on

    In the second set of pictures, the first dress…. I loooooove it! I don’t see it on the website though. Is it available to purchase? Also, Michelle, you look beautiful in every single one of those dresses!

  • Posted by Amanda Middaugh on

    How wonderful! I find it extremely difficult to find clothes, especially dresses that fit and flatter. I have often resorted to making my own. I am 5.9" and a size 26. I look forward to trying some of these beautiful dresses myself. Many thanks.

  • Posted by Michelle on

    What a beautiful description of me. I am incredibly touched and blushing hugely. Thank you.

    I must thank you again now that my feet have returned to the ground. Wednesday was such an amazing day. And yet when I came to collect my dress yesterday you managed to do it all again!
    If only I could bottle the the positivity and enthusiasm your whole team radiate. There would never be a woman doubting her beauty again.

    Those that know me know how uncomfortable I feel in my own skin. I am too tall, too fat, too manly, too big. And yet, you have made me see curvs not lumps, femininity not oversize, grace not lank. I can see it. People have always said it and I have disbelieved them, but I can SEE it now.

    I want to tell the world about you. I want every single woman I ever speak to who has ever questioned their ability to look good in clothes to find you.
    What you do may seem like a day job, but I can assure you it changes lives. It’s only been a week and it has changed mine.

    This past month I have been in huge amounts of pain and a dark cloud of possible cancer looming. Thankfully it was decided that I didn’t have cancer but would need an operation (I shall be going under the knife on Monday)
    The two days o have spent in your company has made me completely forget every single ounce of stress and worry over that operation. I cannot tell you how good that has felt.

    So once more, thank you. Thank you for my beautiful dresses. Thank you for giving me the gift of believing in myself. Thank you for allowing to see what others do.

    Thank you

    Chelle x

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