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Georgina Grogan of http://www.shemightbeloved.com/

Marcy Guevara of http://www.marcyguevara.com/.

Luciana Blumlein of http://luziehtan.de/

Ana Pizarro of http://theduchessbyanapizarro.blogspot.co.uk/


Elena Davies of http://www.frivolousmrsd.com/



  • Posted by Milly on

    I am always asking the same questions too! Why is it that a woman in a different country can be perfectly content in a one room house with a dirt floor and I can’t stand even to share a bedroom with my daughter for more than a week? And I wonder if it is important to have a home, clothes and other things that are socially acceptable so that we can be a light in our own culture or if that is just an excuse because we really like to have stuff. I’m about to start a book called “Freedom of Sitmcilipy”. My dad really liked it. I think it relates to all this stuff. I’ll keep you updated.

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