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PowerfitTM Dress Reviews

We’re sure by now you’ve heard of the PowerfitTM Dress? 

We’re so overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback we’ve received about our PowerfitTM Collection and just want to say thanks! If you still haven’t got around to buying one yet, or simply just cannot choose, take a look at some of our favourite comments left by customers on the Evans website. Too Kind! 


“I cannot rave about the Powerfit dresses enough. I had to pick this up when I saw it advertised. I originally owned the blue panel dress and so to see this come out with a cream front it was a must have! The quality is fantastic and the under slip helps the dress cling and mould to the curves fantastically. Perfect for work wear or dressed up with a cinch belt and great heels plus this dress could be worn out for a night out. If you’re not so keen on showing off your arms as I’m not, the sleeves give you a great cover up and confidence boost. I would highly recommend this to you ladies!”

MusicStar1 via


“A really versatile dress that could be worn in the office or could be dressed up for a special occasion.
I unfortunately did not fit in the top of the dress as my B cup breasts were simply not big enough although my sister who is an E cup looks stunning in the dress and has bought the dress from me as she was so impressed by it.”
HappyCow via


“I bought this dress for a hen night. I received it next day and tried it on and it was beautiful, gave my body and hips a lovely shape. The bust was perfect as I am a 40C/D. I think if you had a larger bust it would be very snug, but that’s just my opinion. The dress came just below my knee with a 5'5” height. Just perfect, felt so feminine with the lace detail. Could be dressed up or down. Unfortunately I had to return this dress as I’ve lost a lot of weight but my belly is still flabby and you can see it in the dress as it is fitting but flattering, where I did not feel comfortable.“

SquishyCherry via


"This dress is stunning pictures do not do it justice good quality fabric.

Ls27 via


“I love this dress it has a panel of fabric to hold your bust in tighter and accentuate your cleavage. Great quality fabric and fantastic for work or nightwear. A must have!!”

MusicStar1 via

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