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The faces of Scarlett & Jo finalists

On the 23rd of April, we hosted a world record plus size photo shoot and the largest fashion shoot ever  in Europe with over 100 gorgeous curvy ladies modelling in the City of London.

Although it was a competition, the real purpose of the event was to make women feel body-confident and comfortable whatever their size. To be inspired. To help our ladies find their inner goddess, and as the saying goes when life gives you curves, flaunt them! And that’s exactly what each and everyone one of you ladies did, you unleashed your inner diva and oh my, did you all look stunning!

We want to congratulate everyone who attended the shoot, our wonderful designers, the crews on the day and of course most of all the ladies who brought our dresses to life!

It takes real courage and bravery to get in front of a camera and model, especially when you have never done anything like that before, and for that we bow down to you. All of you truly made this day feel special.

It was a day full of laughs (and of course, a few happy tears) but most importantly it was a day to have fun and socialise, I’m sure many of you have found long lasting friendships, I know we definitely have.

For that, all of you ladies should be so proud of yourselves for such an accomplishment, not many can pull off what all of you have done.

After careful consideration, and a very, very difficult time we have decided on the following final short list:

6 for Curvy Petite, 6 for Curvy Tall and 12 for Scarlett & Jo.

Without further ado, here are the short listed finalists from each section. We are going to find it even more difficult to choose and you are welcomed to have your say!

We will make the announcement of The Faces of Scarlett & Jo and winner prizes next Friday (so watch this space!) However, everyone has won in this competition as all of you are being upgraded to VIP status in the S & J Club. And those already VIPs we have something else for you.

Curvy Petite

  Kimberly Franklin                                 Angelica Abella                                 Diana Matilla


Emma Berryman                                   Alex Innes                                          Sophie Brown



Curvy Tall

Annie Hawkins                                      Gemma Fedrico                                     Cat Mercer


Melissa Norton                                    Rachel Baker                                         Deeds Follie



Scarlett & Jo

Samantha Pinder                              Tracey Haynes                                 Jessica Nicholas


Lynn Potts                                          Sarah Molloy                                    Rebeka Salmon 


Yvette Porter                                     Eva Believer                                           Lauren Smith


Holly Curtin                                        Rachael Hadley                                Rebecca James




  • Posted by Louise James on

    Rebecca James a stunning natural beauty

  • Posted by Rachael on

    Rachel baker gets my vote beautiful lady :-)

  • Posted by Jason Kelly on

    Beautiful ladies throughout!
    Petite: Kimberley Franklin
    Tall:: Deeds Folloe
    Face: Rebeka Salmon.

    Beautiful beyond belief!

    Good luck ladies and let the vote be ever in your favour!

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