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3 Winning Ladies that represent S & J!

It’s been a long time since I personally wrote a blog. So it’s nice to be back...


On the day at Chandos House as at the event in April 2016 the last thing anyone is aware of is that there is an on-going modelling competition. It seems to be something forgotten about as there are so many interesting women that one can relate to, and so many things of interest like the clothes; the hair and make-up; the venue. I am always nervous before the event as we want to make sure it runs smoothly; on time; there is enough food drink; space. Everyone participating after all is a guest. Many of you are so passionate about the brand that carrying the responsibility of delivering and meeting or preferably exceeding expectations is a daunting challenge. But that is what entrepreneurs want.

So we do try to arrive at perfection in everything we do. And a lot of things we do have never been done before – so it’s fun & fearless.


 Judging a modelling competition like any judgement can be subjective. Many of the comments of support for the 3 finalists are illustrative. Last April we picked Jessica Nicholas (size 32 and 5 foot 9/1.76m) as the Face of the brand and she features on our Facebook profile. Previous to that Georgina Grogan (size 22 5 foot 3) was the Face of the Brand. People often talked to me about George #fffb. George; Becky; Callie; Hanna; Caroline Curvy Wordy inspired us from the beginning followed by Nancy; Pretty big Butterflies; and  - these are all fun & fearless ladies.


Back to the event: to be absolutely honest we love Cat; we love both the 2 Gemmas and Fatuma; Nicole; Jade, Sophie, Melinda and Katie. How Kerrie didn’t make the final 12 like quite a  few others, too many to mention, I know not. Some could have actually won it.

In my book all the participants are winners.


The simple fact is that we cannot separate any of the final 3 Angeline, Charlie; or Liz  as they are such natural S & J brand ambassadors that appeal strongly to different S & J customers.

Therefore, we are announcing a 3 way tie. It’s going to cost us more in clothes and awards. But Hey Charlie is Charlie - a fantastic person, a brave fearless fun girl defining one facet of S & J. But then Liz is an English Rose, a girl next door with a cheeky fun demeanour; fearless too and defines another facet of S& J and Angeline is vivacious, sultry; and sassy defining another facet of S & J.

S & J is committed to positivity in everything we do; we are committed to diversity; we are committed to having fun; of being fearless. And these 3 ladies all represent that.

Many Thanks,

Gifi Fields


  • Posted by Lauren Plumb on

    Well done ladies! Truly the best decision Gifi x

  • Posted by Liz on

    Absolutely blown away by being announced as joint winners with the gorgeous Angeline and Charlie! It’s such an honour to represent Scarlett & Jo and be able to showcase stunning dresses over the next year! I met some beautiful and inspirational women at the model shoot and have made some fabulous friends as a consequence. S&J dresses make me feel glamourous and confident! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity S&J!

  • Posted by Sharron on

    What a fab result, many congrats to all 3 beauties. They all looked fabulous on the day, and were lovely people too. Thanks Gifi for designing such fabulous dresses for us all xx

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