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Scarlett & Jo at #WSN17

At the end of July Scarlett & Jo was approached to lead "Project Curvy Girl" during Paris Fashion Week. - we decided to do.


Paris fashion is less progressive than London and what is on offer for plus size women in France is rather as things were in the UK 4 years ago. As is S & J style we wanted to project authenticity so we asked 4 of our favourite customers Ella; Kemisha; Kiteh and Cat to help us. Thank you guys you were and are fantastic. We asked Kiteh to share her experience.


Kiteh's Story


As a 43-year-old Fleet Distribution Administrator, it's not every day someone messages me to ask if I am up for a weekend of Modelling in Paris but that’s exactly what happened to me. Thanks, Scarlett & Jo!


Needless to say, I accepted this mission and what follows is my account of the weekend.


For the first time ever I flew on my own. All the time telling myself that this was a normal thing and some people often do this.


The flight was a little delayed and so I arrived at the Charles De Gaulles airport a little late. I was meeting my fellow Model and roommate Cat there.

After a hilarious Kiteh and Cat Treasure Hunt Anneka Rice style episode, we eventually found each other (Stop the clock Bob I’ve found the clue) and off we went in search of the Hotel and the Show venue.


We had to get the Metro and a tram to Port de Versailles where the Who’s Next trade show was being held and then find the hotel which we knew was only a short walk away.


Hotel found, we made our way to the show where the S & J team were already setting up.


Who’s Next is the leading international fashion trade show for womenswear in Europe. Since 1994, twice a year, buyers, brands, journalists and trendsetters create the trends for next season over 4 days of business, networking, retail solutions, conferences and celebrations. The Who’s Next trade show unites French and international ready-to-wear collections across 5 different areas: Fame, Private, Trendy, Urban, Studio.

S & J were in the trendy section in hall 4 stand E54. The show was massive and so colourful with all different kinds of stands showcasing all different kinds of fashions.


There was a limited collection of Plus size clothing though and certainly none as stylish and eye-catching as S&J.


There were no other plus size models there, just us S&J girls and I was the biggest at a size 24. Overall we were received really well but there were obviously a few raised eyebrows as Paris is usually about the smaller girls.

I was in my element trying on and showcasing gorgeous dress after gorgeous dress and explaining to customers the range on offer and directing them to the S&J team.


My favourites were the Nancy Marilyn Polka dot dress, The Pussy Bow striped dress and the not yet released Fairytale Sparkle dress. Ok, who am I kidding I love them all!

I explained to everyone and anyone who would listen that the beauty of S&J clothes is they feel as good on as they look. They are made for women with curves not just sized up from a size 8 not taking into account the lines of a curvier figure.


We had an impromptu photo shoot at the Eiffel tower where we certainly got a lot of attention and even got our photos taken by tourists. I suppose it's not a common sight to see 3 curvy girls dressed in evening wear at the bottom of the Eiffel tower!


The 3 days went by in a whirl of pretty dresses, Champagne and lots of laughs with the S & J crew. They were long days but the time flew as we were having so much fun. Who says curvy girls cant have fun?

We certainly showed Paris that curvy girls have more fun and laughs. I arrived home Sunday night exhausted but exhilarated from a fantastic weekend!


Same again next year S&J?



Kiteh xx


  • Posted by Xanadu on

    Great post Kiteh! It’s really wonderful to see that S&J have some common sense, it’s a pity more fashion houses don’t take a leaf from your book. Now all you need to do is fly down under to OZ!

  • Posted by Assa on

    Great to see you girls had fun, and so happy you showed Paris that curvy women can be bold, confident and sexy af! We don’t get a lot of this positive attitude here, so I hope that the Parisian fashion scene will take you as an example. xxx

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