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Meet The Team: The Seamstresses, Doulla and Jenny

Doulla and Jenny are an integral part of the Scarlett & Jo team, they are essentially the end of the line of the design phase of making the gorgeous curvy clothing you love.

Today Jenny and Doulla are working on a new and exciting design project that has never been attempted by S&J before.


Each one is made by hand in the Scarlett & Jo offices and they are hard at work, ready for the launch of a limited number for a lucky few.

Adam caught up with them today to gain more of an insight into their role here.

Jenny and Doulla have been working as Seamstresses for over 30 years and working together for around 18.

"I love getting a new sample and seeing the product develop" confides Jenny, "and when I see a lady on the street wearing designs I’ve helped create, I get such a buzz, it's exciting to know that you have been part of something so special."

"I left school at 16 and went to Carnegie models which is where I trained, they gave us sheets of paper to sew on to train us on Machines", says Doulla. "I was at home with a baby later and I worked mainly on hand finishing and embroidery.

We later met at another fashion and clothing house and have been working together ever since."

Jenny especially appreciates the fashions at Scarlett & Jo, "Being a curvy woman myself, I am so inspired by seeing the ladies who wear our designs and our models, things I'd never consider wearing a year ago I wear now after seeing so many fantastic women wearing them."

Doulla adds, "The playsuits we are making this week are lovely, the fabric has a little give, which makes it slightly harder to work with rather than cotton or other natural fabrics, but the designs we make have the advanced fit technology which involves precision tailoring and interlocking stitching. This design has about 3 hours of stitching involved!"

Our limited edition Playsuits land on Thursday at 18:00 pm, and are a limited edition. Get them before they sell out! (PHOTOS COMING SOON)


  • Posted by Lauren on

    As a home seamstress myself I appreciate the work that goes into making each and every item. It’s great to see behind the scenes at S&J and to “meet” the ladies who make up the lovely designs we all love.

  • Posted by Jan Warren on

    This must be so exciting to see an idea come to life in front of your eyes. From concept to design to creation to wearing must be so satisfying. As an ardent fan of S&J for several years I must admit I’m itching to see the new lives coming through for summer and winter. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  • Posted by Elaine Everest on

    I’m such a fan of S&J and love your readdresses and retro garments. I write novels set in WW2 (Wartime at Woolworths has just been published) and when going out to do talks and especially at events, like the War and Peace Revival show in Kent, I can feel comfortable and look stylish even though I’m a ‘large lady’. Thank you for giving me that confidence.

    I would love to wear more of your garments but as I had a mastectomy some years, which means wearing a breast prosthesis, I have to be careful with lower necklines. However, there is still some choice for me xx

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