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Could it be magic?

Hi Adam, how can the designs really fit a 5’0" lady and a 6’0" lady who are the same dress size? It seems impossible, or is it magic?

Firstly, it’s important to note that our silhouettes are often imitated but they don’t pay attention to the engineering of the designs, often imitated, never equalled.

Because It’s all about the engineering of the design and our advanced fit technology, and the fabrics we use, along with the all-important silhouette.

In some designs, of course, it would be impossible to fit for all heights. Maxi dresses are a case in point which is why we have Petite and Tall ranges for certain styles.

But some of the midi length dresses can work well with a lady who is over 6' and a lady who is under 5' – our hanky hems are a great example of this.

We use common sense in design, and engineering the fit, we look at arm and torso length but also at the needs and requirements of each design.

Midi dresses are a forgiving length on the average height person, but on a shorter woman they drop to below the lower calf and we have been told by you that this is sometimes an area that ladies under 5’5" want to hide.

Taller ladies have it to just below the knee, to show off their fabulous assets.

Our Tunic tops are incredibly popular with both taller and shorter ladies, for the taller woman, the tops are long enough to cover things that most designers don’t consider, and on the shorter ladies they usually style them slightly differently with our velvet or cotton leggings and wear them as shorter tunic dresses

It’s about designing for you and then you can style how you wish.

The marvel of advanced fit technology is in our latest design, the Wrap Lounge Jumpsuit.

Let’s look here at Bernadette and Sharon:

Sharon is 5’10"

Bernadette is 5’4"

And don’t they both look stunning? Read Bernadette's review here!

There is a substantial height difference between the two of them, but it still fits them both beautifully. This is what Advanced Fit Technology does, works with your shape and height to create a look to suit you. 

It's not magic it just feels that way!

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