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Bring More Power to You with Gemstones

Inheriting my love for art and jewellery directed me towards specialising in gemstones and jewels. Here at Rosie Fox London, we want to help prevent pollution and minimise waste by using natural gemstones as our main jewellery component, only using man-made components when necessary.

All of our wonderful gemstones are known to hold brilliant healing properties and health benefits.

With so many gorgeous colours and styles, it makes it hard to pick which pieces to go for. I always suggest to consider the well-being benefits, and choose my pieces based on the properties that I would like to channel.

Each gemstone has a place in my heart for those individual moments in which they have aided me. My personal favourite is my lucky pyrite bracelet, which I wear every day to bring success!

You can choose specific healing properties personal to the needs at a certain time. These unique pieces also make a special and personal gift, perfect for your loved ones, and what is better time than Christmas. 

Here are all of our gemstones and their benefits that nature promised:


  • Enhances mental function
  • Improves concentration
  • Calms, healing inner anger or tension


  • Brings luck and prosperity
  • Helps one move beyond the fear of judgement



  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Tunes metabolism
  • Clears negative thoughts



  • Brings success
  • Activates the imagination
  • Properties of wealth and abundance



  • Enhances confidence
  • Absorbs negative energy
  • Calms in times of stress or worry


  • Stone of purity
  • Manifests dreams into reality



  • Stone of transformation
  • Brings energy to focus on new growth
  • Protects and purifies.



  • Encourages happiness and good fortune
  • Helps to develop emotional and physical strength


  • Encourages freedom and independence
  • Inspires originality and boosts creativity



  • Gives the wearer a sense of calmness
  • Promotes faith, loyalty, truth and purity


  • Success stone
  • Transforms thought into intelligent action
  • Aids open and honest communication


  • Master healer
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Unlocks memory


Which benefits do you fancy most in your life?  

Love Rosie x

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