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Home House Shoot and Cup Cake Party 2

Home House Shoot and Cup Cake Party 2, a year on, an even better collection, better cup cakes and just the most incredible cast and crew.

Last year, recorded in Betty Pamper's blog, at the time, broke the mould. We demonstrated diversity, positivity, inclusion and acceptance. Faith was renewed.

This was a different kind of shoot. In that HH1 was a journey into the unknown with purpose, all about social media content and reach both for the 8 participating bloggers and for us. HH2 certainly had the social media aspect, though the bloggers were only part of the cast rather than all the cast. We again included a wider international element. It was a quite an extraordinary atmosphere, beautiful environment and wonderful clothes and a great cast and professional crew to work with and enjoy.

We were very fortunate a year ago to feature Glowpinkstah, the celebrated American entertainer, comedienne and vlogger. This year, we had the extraordinary Lu zieht an fly in from Germany. Lu is the highest ranked plus-size blogger in Europe, she represented the petite, curvy woman and we were also able to feature the spicy rising Spanish star Ana Pizarro, who first came to prominence 2.5 years ago rocking the powerfit bodycon dresses. The plane flights cost less than 2 return rail fares from Sheffield to London. Scandalous that! We were also graced for the first time with Laura of What Laura Loves, the most prominent of the Northern bloggers. You couldn't wish for better ambassadors of curvy fashion than these three fun and fearless ladies.

Ana and Lu wearing S&J back in 2013/2014

One camera for used with professional precision and artistry by Diana Thompson, and another professional camera and video including sound crew for lifestyle shots and video product shots.

It was an atmosphere of endeavour as the 9 women sizes from a small 16 through to size 24 brought each of our products to life through at least 8 changes each. Heights varied from 5'3" through to 5'9" (160 cm - 175 cm). There were a couple of first timers, we get a lot of requests to take part, and understandably a little nervousness. The newbies were soon full of confidence. It helped having 5 make up and hair artists on hand to pamper. They were good!

We decided to use Twitter's live streaming social media product Periscope for behind the scenes and previews of new product to inform with great success. We did have a few of the usual cyber malcontents crop up on our feeds, tragic and sad. This was accompanied by the odd male cyberstalker, but then that's part of the misinformed and misguided joys of the medium.

Fantastic credit should go to our Hanna for amazing organisation of the day from beginning to end; Hanna is simply the most incredibly talented person. Credit goes to Diana for super, super product shots, her calm style and persona, her endeavour and to all the wonderful ladies modelling for bringing the designs to life in such a compelling way. A big shout out to our Alice, our assistant designer, and the S&J design team. Alice designed virtually all the collections that were shot.  A real team effort with the support team running here, there and everywhere ensuring we had everything we needed.

Here are a few more behind the scenes shots from the girls Instagrams.

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