2 Year Anniversary!

You may have noticed on social media that our gorgeous VIP Members have been sharing the 2nd Anniversary of our World Record attempt for most plus sizes models in a photo shoot.

World Record Plus Size Photoshoot 1

We had a competition to find the ladies involved. The competition had to close it after only two days of overwhelming response responses!

The ladies from all over Europe attend and were from every walk of life, aged 17-50+ with sizes 14-32 and heights from 4’10-6’3!

Truly a diverse mix of ladies!

But how did it all begin? Well, the incomparable Chelle of 'Positively Perfect' (PP) tells us here!

"I was having lunch with Gifi and said the problem is that plus size people don’t see their sizes on others so always compare themselves unfavourably to models. We needed to see a photo of 10 women, all a size 18/24/32 so that we can see that one size comes in various shapes. Actually, we don’t look bad for our size at all, we just don’t look like the person next to us.

Originally a 10 person photo shoot. Well, that turned into a 100 person shoot.

And from that, I met the rest of the girls who went on to create PP!

On the day we had a team of makeup artists and hairstylists to make us look as magnificent as we all are then we all trooped down to the base of the iconic London Bridge to have this beautiful photo taken."

World Record Plus Size Photoshoot 2

Adam says:

"It takes real courage and bravery to get in front of a camera and model, especially when you have never done anything like that before. For that, we bow down to our ladies. All of you truly made the day feel special.

It was a day full of laughs and a few happy tears but most importantly it was a day to have fun and socialise. I know many of you have found long lasting friendships from the day.

All the ladies should be so proud of yourselves for such an accomplishment, not many can pull off what you did."

World Record Plus Size Photoshoot 3


  • Posted by Tess on

    Being part of the event 2 years ago has totally changed my outlook on the clothes I wear and how I feel about myself. I have made some truly wonderful and supportive friends and new opportunities have presented themselves to me too. Thank you it’s been – and is – a blast!xxx

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