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A Day To Remember!

What a day last Saturday was. The S&J member’s shoot and model competition. Kim was first to arrive of over 120 ladies; 15 production crew; 8 MUAs who proved to be brilliant: 10 of our own staff. 3 wonderful brand ambassadors; the Rubenesque and Ms Curvaceous girls. Various friends visitors and family.

Our Ambassadors: Laura, Ana and Luciana


The Rubenesque Girls: Daniella, Sian and Kat

Kemisha and Cerise from Ms Curvaceous with Laura

No shortage of tea, coffee, water or food this time round. The prosecco and cupcakes rounded off what was an amazing day.


The ladies that we hosted and were in competition, were the perfect guests. Sizes 14 -32, 4 foot 10  to 6 ft 3. Some of them might well make it as plus size models. But that wasn't really the predominate focus; having fun was.

Mother and daughter fun with Yvette Porter and Rachael Baker

There was much patience shown as we under-provided for hair and make up as queues stacked up. We have promoted bloggers at early stage of their careers, photographers; and MUAs models too. Some have stayed having fun with us. 3 years ago, George had kicked us off at Evans. Now she is our face at Simply Be and becomes more and more successful as blogger and model. Diana did great photography for us at Home House, proved herself, and now she's our “go to” professional photographer in studio. She is increasingly in demand elsewhere. Estella is our lead MUA, retained from the original web shoot, she is making it in her game. She will be joined next shoot by Anastasia and other MUAS  who really graduated from the Academy that they attend, truly enhanced their portfolio and gaining valuable experience at the sharp end. What an opportunity to prove yourself.

The MUA Squad


Laura, Diana and Luciana

Make no mistake a S&J shoot is like no other as they just happen. This time though, it was more  structured, planned and even more organised. There was spontaneity with the model participants allocated  2 outfits each and at least 100 different alternatives on hand. Personally, I saw just 1 garment pinned out of over 300 modelled. So the truest and severest test of True to Size or not True to Size that is the question. Answer S&J is true to size. Perhaps a tad big.

We had spent some time assembling a goody bag for all our guests and I think it was appreciated. Rosie Fox was on hand personally assessorising some of the outfits with her great products.


We got a lucky break with the weather though it was cold and windy; the sun shone.

We had had 4 changes for the location shoot in the 48 hours before the shoot and our new found friends at Number 1 did well for us as we negotiated through the night, striking agreement at 7 am on the day to use a corner of their night club. Yep crazy. 

David Pulgarin shot on location in his wonderful relaxed style capturing that moment. He did such a good job at Home House, this was even more challenging.


David capturing the magic!

We had to cancel on Bankside where we had a permit to shoot due to a clash that the authorities didnt know about affecting where we were going to take the traditional Scarlett & Jo group shot. There was also concern about the weather.

In the end we winged it 1st on London Bridge Walk which seem to stop all the traffic. Moved on. The shot of the assembled beautiful ladies was shot from London Bridge with a pretty big appreciative admiring on-looking crowd of spectators.

What else can I say we make our clothes for special ladies from all walks of life and they make our clothes special. These ladies gave an updated meaning to the words fun & fearless. Lets do it again.


We will announce the Faces of Scarlett & Jo in about 2 weeks when all the photos and videos have been edited. 


  • Posted by laura wilson on

    Wow this looks amazing and the ladies look fab!! If you ever do this again I would love to be a part of it xx

  • Posted by Jan Warren on

    I was proud and humbled to be part of such a joyous, bonding day with some beautiful plus size women who just showed so much solidarity for the plus size woman of today. Bless you S&J for giving us this opportunity to make new friends, wear beautiful clothes and have make-up, hair and modelling tips from the professionals prior to our wonderful photographers making us look out best! Fabulous.

  • Posted by Lauren on

    Thank you so much for putting on the event, it was amazing and so well put together. It was a real honour to work with the team and to meet the staff who pour their hearts and souls into Scarlett and Jo’s products.

    Lj X

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