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We help to make things happen, and by things we mean, in this case, wedding proposals.
Last month we launched a competition for brave women who successfully propose to their men on February 29th. Before we get to that, Johanna Wroe wins the prize for the most romantic post.

 We are happy to share the happiness of Samantha, Sylvia, Cheryl, Nikki, Cleo, Emma, Catherine and Lorna. – Fun and Fairless.- They have each won one of our Scarlett and Jo wedding dresses for their successful proposals. It was actually a three-way tie in terms of the notification, but we changed our mind and decided they all deserve to win. We are so thrilled to share some of their stories with you!

Samantha: “My wonderful Mr. Duncan Barnes said yes!  Here is a photo of him with the ring proposed with and a  picture of both”


Lorna: “Myself & John were introduced in a blind date via a mutual friend and it was love at first sight. However, two weeks after meeting I was booked to go on holiday to Cuba. Despite the absence we text each other every day and he was there to meet me arriving home. We have been together 10 years and through thick and thin we have been there for each other; sickness and health, richer for poorer, better or worse. As I said, ten years down the line we have 3 beautiful boys and a comfortable life but the only thing stopping us being a true family is the fact we aren't married. John being the typical boy bloke has said for a while he wasn't the marrying type. However last year he said to me if I asked he would marry me. So on 29th February I sent him a picture message of the photo that was taken in the Dominican Republic 8 years ago, when we knew we were meant to be together written over with "will you marry me here". After a delay he replied back: Yes let's do it next year! I've spent the past couple of days in shock, as I never thought he really would say yes. I'm so glad he said yes and so are our boys”.


  Sylvia: “So I got our 3 week old daughter Hannah dressed  after having this vest printed especially and asked him to  check on her. The answer was yes and hoping for a  September wedding”.


Cleo: “Just before we’d met, we’d unbeknown had a hideous time of things… Both having life saving operations from undiagnosed toxicity in our bodies and I had been involved in a horrible car crash and my best friend had died suddenly. So things were a bit bleak to say the least. Mark and I met just over a year ago after years of being single and vowing never to get married again ever! We actually both got married on the very same day of the same year - 26th July 1996 - almost 20yrs ago, to our ex’s… spooky! Then for our first year anniversary of meeting in November, Mark took me on a surprise trip to Venice to ask me ‘unofficially' to marry him but on one condition: that I too had to by surprise propose to him! So I think he thought I’d chose Christmas or New Year but I already knew that I wanted to chose a date that was special, so I chose leap day! I asked him not only the once, because he has continued to ask me sporadically ever since he first mentioned it in November and always by surprise, but several times during the day. He finally said yes later that day… finally making our engagement ‘official’. :D So for two very unromantic people who actually went out of our way to avoid love altogether, we’ve turned into two of the most romantic people I know! It really isn’t ever too late for love it seems… I am 41 and Mark is 51"



Catherine: “We met 5 years ago via  Facebook and found out we were having a  baby after 2 weeks. However, we are still  going strong after all this time (he is now 3)  and we've also had another little boy who is  1. We recently moved in with his parents to  save, but found out his mum has throat  cancer, so have had to help out more  financially and not able to save. I always wind him up about marriage but he always said he doesn't see the point, so I decided to take matter into my own hands. I text him in the morning with a picture saying guess what day it is? And the picture said would you marry me? But I made out like I was joking (he laughed). Then I made him a steak dinner in the evening and told him to answer my question. That's when he realized I wasn't joking, he said yes I suppose so which is as good as I'm going to get from him and he told me to start planning :)! ”




Nikki's proposal:


  • Posted by Catrina Barnes on

    Wow what an amazing competition!! Congratulations to all the lovely winners. What an inspired idea for a competition and it is so lovely to hear everybody’s stories…the best part though is that you get a Scarlett & Jo wedding dress!!! Feeling a bit jealous but hope that the lucky brides will share the pics of them in their dresses!!! Some of these stories made me cry, they are so beautiful. Hope they do a Mother of the bride dress competition!!!! Fingers crossed.

  • Posted by cheryl on

    This is fab. I’m so pleased to finally make him my hubby

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