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OK I am going to do my best to explain where we are going with our website

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The site is dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure. We aim to serve, entertain, hug, embrace and share.  In addition to fashion, we address issues such as diversity, inner confidence, and other important topics that you may have an interest in.  Opinions and views need to be freely expressed, with a goal towards ending prejudice and discrimination towards all segments of society.

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Watch the first episode of The Scarlett & Jo Show on YouTube

The initial mission is to provide an offer of fun, feminine and flattering clothes that matches the lifestyle that we want. Our clothes should always be comfortable to wear and say something about us. We are totally interested in what works for you and what doesn’t. Often it is a matter of taste. We are about cut, fit and comfort. Let’s move on.

We hope that this site offers easy navigation. It was put together in about 4 weeks. I hope it doesn’t show. We played with the idea of doing a website. However it took a petition of wearers of our products that convinced me that doing the site was the right thing to do. So everyone, if there are some glitches in the system and an initial lack of choice please FORGIVE US. Every component needed to be developed, from when we pushed the button a month ago. Hopefully you’ll find what we have done is simple and practical.

S&J for me is more of a members club, where many of us have mutual interests. There is great diversity in the many talented women who buy and wear Scarlett & Jo. So I hope the Special Events, Offers and Social that the club offers becomes an important feature of the site.

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We decided to reward those who petitioned me to build the website with a conditional lifetime VIP membership, which carries with it a 20% discount. These women wanted it most, and we wouldn’t be here without their support. We encourage all others to join the club and receive a 10% discount and other benefits. VIP membership can also be purchased for £30 for a one-year membership and comes with a 20% discount on clothing purchases and other perks. Special Events are planned regionally around the country and will be announced on the website and via the newsletter. Mayah will be hosting a Karaoke Night; I am planning an exclusive Valentine’s Night Ball; the club is co-hosting a 1940’s Big Band swing night in the Midlands with Tanya and so forth and so on. We will also be joining with other likeminded groups of people who want to have fun. You have the gist of what it’s about.

Scarlett & Jo is a business, and for it to succeed we need to please. Our job is to provide genuine information on the products that we create. On the website, 27 different ladies, mostly customers, including bloggers, modelled the clothes, sizes 16 through to size 32, to give an accurate idea of what our clothes look like when worn. These ladies range in age from 19 to 50, and range in height from 4 foot 10 inches to 5 foot 10 inches. All captured in stills and importantly on video.

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On Monday we are launching not just an online store but also through You Tube the first ever fashion vhop. Customers are welcomed to shop the vhop on our You Tube play list that links directly to the product and purchase page for further information and purchase.

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As most Scarlett & Jo customers know our product doesn’t date, so on the site is a classic page and we will be doing some reissues of some favourite styles.

I am disappointed that the opening offer is somewhat limited in choice, but we had a prior commitment to do the Red Carpet Collection for Yours Clothing which is a fantastic array of red carpet dresses whose launch coincides with this one. So please bear with us as we work to get more product available on the website in the next couple of weeks. The website will show some items as coming soon, we will try to inform dates of arrival.



  • Posted by Jade on

    I must say you guys have developed the site very well, in such a short period of time. The mobile site is also easy to navigate. I am also impressed with the collection available already, which surpassed my expectations. And I like the YouTube integration!

  • Posted by Jade on

    I am so excited about the website launch!

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