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June 17th - #SandJThankYouDay

Model Shoot 2017 and #SandJThankYou day was quite the extraordinary event that it was billed to be. A fair amount of love and support was served up by all who attended. Veterans of previous S & J events were present in drves along with a lot of first timers.

Before anyone asks. We have not  got to the judging of the models yet! So shortlist will be published next week.  The only question is: is it going to be open to the public vote?

 After much toing and froing we settled on the iconic Grade 1 listed Chandos House for a location. This year’s event like last year’s World record shoot was held in conjunction with Miss Curvaceous UK. MCUK played a greater role.

Chandos House

 At Chandos House we had various parts of the House like the Garden; Terrace Room and Drawing Rooms which presented themselves for wonderful backdrops for S & J clothes to be featured and our members and customers to look at their best.

Organising an event like this featuring well over 100 women required at least 20 hair and make-up artists; 3 camera crews; a platoon of MCUK personnel ensuring their best that we kept on schedule and assisting all and every requirement. Gifi screwed up on the day by not having an event cameraman, as his wont, he likes the shots that those who were there took. However, not enough has surfaced this time. So next time there will be an events photographer. Apologies.

Feeding over 150 people and crew went very smoothly with a rolling lunch that was available from 11.30 to 4 pm.

The other big test is the fit test. You have over 100 ladies from size 12 size 32 and all different heights. We have to say our clothes are indeed true to size tad generous and consistent. It was incredible how everything fitted. Personally I think those who took part can tell the story of a very hot day better than we can. It was exhausting for all who took part. We did make it easy by having 6 groups of up to 30 appear from 8.30 through to 1.30 with the plan of 3 and half hours for wardrobe; hair and make up; 3 different shoots. Amazingly it worked fairly well like that.


Can you imagine Chandos House was transformed in an hour and half for the Ball so many not just S & J wonderful outfits were adorned.

The food was great.

The booze was flowing.

The actual ball room dance floor received less of a working than was planned. I guessed we were also tired, full of food and laid back content. I would very much appreciate your own memories of really quite the extraordinary day. 

Next Major Event 3rd Saturday in November, though there is much talk of a roadshow coming to a place near you before then


  • Posted by Lucie Colwell on

    Gifi and MCUK, all the teams of MUA’S and event staff, Chandos house… Every lovely lady, especially the ones who’d experienced it before who lead us first-timers….?THANK YOU?
    From the bottom of my heart, it was one of the best (if hottest!) days of my life. As it was two days after my daughter’s birthday and necessitated moving her party to Friday after-school…you were all amazing and allowed her to come along!
    That was so so appreciated. She has wanted to be a fashion designer since age 3!!
    I bought both dresses I was asked to wear for the shoots! The food was stupendous, gorgeous. It was so beautiful in the evening!
    I’m just feeling so lucky to have been invited to be a part of it. Thank you so much xx

  • Posted by Bernadette Paterson on

    What a fantastic day it looked and sorry to have missed it.

    How amazing are Scarlett & Jo to put on these events for us throughout the year.

    All the ladies look beautiful in their dresses and photos prob do not do the event justice.

    Can’t wait for November event!

    Lots of love the new Mrs P xxxxxxx

  • Posted by Jade Burgham on

    I think EVERYONE involved , need a huge pat on the back, not only was it a hot day it was super busy with no room for error and a tine scale to follow ,everyone stayed positive !and kept up the super dooper happy go lucky attitude was truly uplifting ! made ao many new friends and i enjoyed supported all the other fabulous woman during there experience ! It was ahuge success and id love to be involved in the next scarlett and jo event !!!

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